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StartUP Portugal – Technologies play a vital role in keeping our culture functioning at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted thousands of activities to be cancelled and delayed all over the globe. Despite so much doubt about the future, will these developments shape the event industry that will go beyond this outbreak?

In 2016 , the Ministry of Economy launched the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship with the goal of expanding the existing trends of the Portuguese to the entire world and to all sectors of operation
Undertaking ecology, one of the most active in Europe.

StartUP Portugal focuses on three action axes-ecosystem, financing, and internationalization-with the following aims:
 The national development and protection of the ecosystem;
 Attract domestic and international investors;
 Improving and promoting start-up funding at all points of their life
 Fostering and accelerating the growth of Portuguese startups abroad
Märkte. Markets.

StartUP Portugal has been responsible for developing many services since its inception, including StartUP Visa and StartUP Voucher, which is operated by IAPMEI.

Portugal has been a hotspot for European and foreign businessmen for the last couple of years drawn to our relative simplicity of doing business, and given the new conditions around COVID-19, that still seems to be so.

We’ve seen an explosion of demand from businessmen close and far looking for business assistance this past month, such as how to move a company from overseas, register a new company and secure the requisite capital to establish a business in Portugal. It will seem that local and foreigners already have a clear interest in trying to start a company in Portugal amid the global pandemic

There are various ways to register a corporation in Portugal, with the conventional route generally involving traveling to different branches of government, having a ticket and standing in long queues. But there is good news, you can build a business right on the spot via the Empresa na Hora.

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