Spain’s Marbella ramps up safety checkpoints during the ‘PUENTE’ holiday weekend

Spain’s Marbella ramps up safety checkpoints: The MARBELLA Council has announced that Spain’s Marbella will ramps up  its local policia coverage (safety checkpoints) around the municipality over this weekend’s Puente holiday.


In general, Diaz reported that 80 new officers would be added over the holiday season to operate with the current patrols.


Marbella Councilor Jose Eduardo Diaz made an announcement yesterday during a visit to the Rico Bajo with representatives of the local authorities.


“We urge citizens to maintain safety and health measures so that we can all enjoy Christmas,” Diaz said.


The specifics of the Puente operation include additional troops to assist the local police and civil defense of the region, with an emphasis on perimeter control on both country and city roads.


Additional officers may also be deployed at different places across the city during curfew hours to ensure that no celebrations or groups violate the rules.


In particular, Diaz announced that 80 extra officers would be added over the holiday season to operate with the current patrols.


Additional fire patrols may also be activated in remote areas for any emergencies that could occur over the weekend.


Beach patrols using ATVs and sea patrols will also make daily passes to ensure that the coastline stays in a secure condition throughout the day and to limit all meetings past curfew hours.


During Diaz’s appearance, he clarified that, to date, Marbella patrols have imposed a total of 150 fines for non-compliance with the curfew, 50 for infringements of mobility and 2,000 for mask use.



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