Shop locally and ‘responsibly’ this Christmas, pleads Spain ANDALUCIA

The Junta de Andalucia has requested for people to shop locally and ‘responsibly’ this Christmas.


The Directorate-General for Consumption called on the public to ‘Shop locally and ‘responsibly’ whenever possible’ to support a sector which has been ‘particularly harmed by COVID-19.’


Buying locally enhances the economic system and local employment and is more feasible for the environment by reducing transport expenditure for both goods and shoppers,” the Junta said in a press release.


It also called for ‘responsible’ shopping, asking people to schedule advance what they’re buying and just what’s really needed.’


This would stop a last-minute panic and ‘compulsive and improvised’ transactions, the Junta said, while sales and discounts should be compared to reduce the effect on your pocket.


“It is always advisable to draw up a shopping list to plan properly, as well as to set a budget to adjust when buying in order to avoid spending more money than you have,” the press release said.


The Junta also said that it’s easier to pay in cash and keep track of how much you spent and still ask a shop about its return policy.


One should always keep the receipt, the Junta advised, and verify if the shop adheres to the Customer Arbitration Scheme, which means that any conflict can be settled easily and free of charge and without the need to go to court.


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