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Personal history of the founder

Saborono : Tiago, 31 years Brazilian/Italian, with 12 years of experience in the I.T. area, but who always saw himself as an entrepreneur. The office and the CLT (Employment Contract), were never his goals.  The dream of undertaking each day is coming true.

How did the idea for this project come about and how many people are involved?

The project came about when one day we realized that we needed food and snacks for our daughter’s party. In our region there was no one who performed this kind of delivery service. Then we analyzed the market and noticed that the party core-business in Portugal was big, but it didn’t have the quality of most of the companies analyzed.  Today we are two people: Karoline and Tiago.


What makes your company different from others?

We have a range of products that competitors do not sell. We give you the option that no other competitor offers that I call PAP (Pay-as-Product). In the market we see that there is a tie-in sale (Thank You Sale). Saborono tries to make the customer pay for what he wants and not buy something for a “false advantage”. For us, the customer is the one who has to be satisfied. That is our greatest satisfaction.


What is the area of operation and to which audience is it intended?

Saborono, We today operate in the food market. We supply all kinds of snacks. Our public is diverse, and focused on each and every type of final customer.


What is the problem or need of the market, that your company intends to solve?

The need to provide very high quality food, whether for a wedding, engagement, parties or even for those at home.


What are the challenges they face?

A possible expansion with a production line to scale the market more.


What will be the next steps that the company will take?

We are in contact with Brazilian companies to export specific machines that perform processes in an automated way and on a large scale.


What strategy has been implemented to keep your company running with the covide-19 pandemic?

The strategy used is already in our company’s DNA, it is the connection with the client. We’ve had 300% sales. Since we make direct contact with each of our customers, we have a CRM to which we treat and analyze both each customer and their wishes and we campaign with offers according to each need.


What advice or warning do you leave to other companies to overcome this crisis?

The main advice is to focus on delivery and to look for the MVP (Minimum viable product) for any strategy to do.


How can we contact the company, website and social networks?

  • Tiago Vianna
  • 910329859




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