Revart – Portugal’s first major online art platform

Personal history of the founder.

Revart – Portugal’s first major online art platform : Alex Dipalo, an Italian, began his career as a freelance consultant, working with non-profit institutions and youth-related political organizations, with a focus on youth participation in politics and public life at the national and EU level. During this period Alex had the first contact with the startup concept and the world of technology and from that moment on he decided to change the course of his life and immerse himself in this new stage.


What is your vision?

My two cornerstones are empowerment and fighting. My vision is to stand out and try to bring a complementary value to the community.


Which book has had the most influence on your life or do you advise others to read?

One of my favorite books is “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling, it is a book that gives us a concrete vision of the world with statistics and numbers. When you finish reading this book, your way of seeing things will be different.


What advice do you leave for those who want to enter the field of entrepreneurship?

Try to highlight the reasons why you would like to enter entrepreneurship and ask yourself: ‘Am I solving a problem? Start here.


When a problem or obstacle arises, what is the first thing you think about?

Certainly, in the solution, the path to the solution and why this problem/obstacle arises.


What is your inspiration for staying motivated?

My great source of inspiration is people, seeing what they have done, listening to them, understanding them, receiving feedback, and receiving advice.


Do you have any “tricks” to stimulate creativity?

Taking long walks alone helps me to gain inspiration, reflect, and think.


How do you deal with failure?

Failure is part of the process. Failure is part of the experience. It’s not easy to accept failure, but it can teach us a lot. The mistakes we have made, what we have done, how we have done it, and try not to make the same mistakes next time.


In this crisis that COVID-19 has emerged, how is it adapting to the new way of working?

As most companies have done, smart work is the solution we have adopted. As we know, it has positive and negative aspects. We have discovered a new way of communication. At RevArt, what we’re trying to do is that every day someone sends us some inspiring articles, music, or anything that can help us fight this period.


What difficulties and challenges do you face in this crisis that COVID-19 has emerged? How did the idea for this project come about? What does it consist of?

Since I was a child, one of my passions has been art. I have always been involved and curious about this world. Art for centuries has been one of the most important tools in our lives. Nowadays I think art has been a little forgotten and artists fight against financial insecurity. We gather our passion, needs, and try to solve the problem. This is RevArt.


What makes your company different from others?

At RevArt we are trying to build a tailor-made space for beginning artists, a family. Passion and aesthetics are our foundation. A new way for people to follow the arts, interactive, and fun. Effortless.


How many people are involved?

We are a team of 6 people.


What’s your area of ​​expertise?

We’re in the art sector.


What audience are you targeting?

We want people to believe that art can be accessible to everyone. Our audience is destined for art lovers!


Where is it located and what geographical area do you intend to cover?

At the moment we are based in Portugal, but during the year we have plans to expand to Spain as well.


What are the company’s objectives?

Revart – Portugal’s first major online art platform, the goal of our company is to give a new space to all beginning artists, where they can promote, value, and sell their works of art, while this brings art back to people’s lives!


What is the problem or market need that your company will solve? What do they need right now? For example investor, business partner, others.

At this moment, having already validated our MVP and our platform, we are looking to increase the first stage of investment.


In which markets do you expect to operate?

Our model is based on a global scale, so in a few years, we would like to be spread all over the world.


What are the biggest difficulties you are encountering in the market?

One of our problems is that most people have never bought art, our goal is to let them use it.


What is success for your company?

Our success is defined by helping each other, creating a sense of community, a family.


What are the next steps?

At this moment we are organizing a charity auction that will take place from 10 to 01, where all the proceeds will be donated to top associations that are helping hospitals and research institutes. The next step will be collective funding.


How do you see it from here 3 months ago?

In the next 3 months, I see RevArt as a company that has brought a contribution to the Portuguese artistic community and is very willing to do more.


How can we contact the company, website and social networks?

  • Alex Dipalo
  • @alexdipalo & @revartgallery
  • +393 386 491 921


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  • May 16, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Man you are amazing! Is a such proud to see the creation of this project! I hope sincerely that you have a lot of success in your career!
    I really appreciate your project!


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