ORIHUELA COSTA resumes its demands for the Cultural Centre: Man can’t survive on bread alone. And the smallest population of homo sapiens cannot live in any society without being accepted as human beings. This means that our vital survival is not just shelter, food and water; to survive, we need social connections and educational growth.


It is true that currently, all of these items may be learned from technical advancements. But, particularly now when we have experienced several types of lockdown due to Covid-19, we can identify the most significant reality of human existence, the lack of social interaction and constraints in any cultural growth, to name a few: festivals, football matches, the use of libraries, etc.


Each and every one of us has several abilities and we need to cultivate and share them with each other. ORIHUELA Costa is made up of many such people particularly as it is a cosmopolitan city of more than a hundred nationalities who live here permanently. Yes, we could have compared ourselves to cities like London, Dublin, Paris or some other metropolis. That sounds wonderful, but how can we share or grow anything if we don’t even have a library in our city of 33,000 people who are enrolled in the Padron, not to mention a cultural center of some kind?


Most of this year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it will be labeled as no public entertainment allowed;” Christmas festivities have also been canceled, which is easy to understand in the circumstances, but this is a normal representation of what Orihuela Costa experiences due to the lack of a place for public meetings.


Last year’s celebration of the lighting of the Christmas tree took place outside the Town Hall, although there was no holiday spirit for the celebration, as we would like to meet because of the noise of the N332, neither was it properly organized, lack of space, nor much of the celebration program… it was a real shame for the children and performers.


The same goes for the classical concert that took place on the Playa Flamenca last year. What a pity that the open-air auditorium” did not permit the audience to hear much.


Our cosmopolitan but newly developing city could reflect the culture of Spain and other countries of our multi-national people, which we could be proud of, but we can not display nor grow these cultural activities as we have no “bricks and mortar” for this house.


It is a pity that with the vast number of properties being developed in Orihuela Costa, we cannot beg for another building that will fulfill the cultural appetite of very young, teenage and old people, the Cultural Centre.


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