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Personal history.

GRUP BOX : We are 6 students from the Professional School of Arts Technologies and Sports, Elisabete, Frederico, Filipa, Inês, Miguel, and Pedro, with the course of Communication: Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising and we are doing an internship at the company GrupBox and are developing a digital magazine.


How did the idea for this project come about and how many people are involved?

The digital magazine arose from a desire to share notoriety among Startups so that new entrepreneurs can take advice and develop their projects in mind. In this project we are involved, 6 Marketing collaborators, 4 Programming collaborators, and Celso Bispo, founder of DataDev company and our internship mentor.


What makes your company different than others?

Although there are already digital magazines, what makes us different is the theme and the target audience, our theme is Startups and how their founders managed to transform their ideas into actions. As a result, our targets are evolving entrepreneurs or even wishing to start their own business.


What is your area of ​​expertise and to which audience are you targeting?

We operate in the area of ​​Communication, more focused on the dissemination of other companies and we have as our main audience entrepreneurs.


What is the market problem or need that your company intends to solve?

The company, through the transmission of real cases, intends to stimulate the will and creativity of other entrepreneurs so that they can advance in the creation of their project, thus eliminating a possible initial difficulty.


What are the challenges you face?

Since the magazine is a very recent project, there is always difficulty in disseminating it. However, we are developing pages on social networks and Youtube channels to increase the notoriety of our magazine.


What will be the next steps the company will take?

Although the company is in a start-up phase, our mentality is always to think about the future and what we can do to make its growth notorious, so the next step is the creation of the Youtube channel, where conversations/interviews will be exposed, in audiovisual format, so that our subscribers can know the Startups stories in more detail.


What strategy has been implemented to keep your company running with the covid pandemic19?

Betting heavily on digital is a simple and effective method with very little margin for error.


How can we contact the company, website and social networks?





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