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Personal history of the founder. 

Erinna Consulting  : My name is Monique and my citizenship is from the United States. My parents were originally from Panama and we traveled around the world. As an adult I  worked with high tier positions with the United States government and General Motors. I then took on after 20 years to become a specialized Virtual Assistant. I offer services such as automated Messenger chatbots, webinar support and WordPress websites and management.


How did the idea for this project come about and how many people are involved?

I decided to move back to Europe and here is where I launched my business with my son.


What makes your company different from others?

Erinna Consulting , My business is diferent because we think out of the box and offer work with integrity. If we cannot help you we always know someone that is in the leading industry to assist. Our impact is to get your business speaking automatically in “your” voice.


What is the area of operation and to which target audience?

I normally work with providers in the mental health field such as psychologists, counselors and others. But my business is so versatile that I can open to many audiences.


What is the problem or market need that your company wants solve?

My main push is to alleviate the daily pressure of day to day tasks as a business owner. I offer automation with chatbots to speak on your behalf to save you time. My chatbots can qualify leads, order products and answer frequently asked queries and more.


What are the challenges you face? 

With the current climate people are afraid of spending. Which is totally understandable. The great thing is that I offer payment plans to still get you the product.


What are the next steps that the company will take?

We are to launch partnerships with some 5 star influencers to automate their vision using our custom chatbot messengers.


What was the strategy implemented to keep your company running with the pandemic of covid19? 

Well because I work with a lot of mental health providers I decided to take a break and re- evaluate my situation and then I used that gained energy to push forward and pivot.


What advice or warning do you give other companies to overcome this crisis? 

Do not just give up. There are always ways to keep your business, vision and passion going. Keep your brand out there and when the economy bounces back people will be ready to purchase from you first.


How can we contact the company, website and social networks?






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