Barcelona Fire: Deadly blaze engulfs the warehouse of the squatters

Barcelona Fire: A fire engulfed an abandoned warehouse occupied by dozens of people in the suburbs of Barcelona, killing at least three and wounding about 20 others.


Many of the squatters who used the three-storey warehouse in Badalona were migrants who had left behind their belongings.


Firefighters in Barcelona Fire have found three bodies and some of the wounded are in critical condition. The fire was blown out but the building is unstable.


Some of the survivors jumped out of the roof to escape the flames.


More than 30 people were saved from the roof, reports Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser.


The mayor of Badalona, Xavier Garcia Albiol, said that at least 60 people had managed to flee the flames.


It is not clear what caused the fire that started at around 21:00 (20:00 GMT) on Wednesday in the industrial area of north-eastern Barcelona, although some survivors said it had been started by a burning candle.


Seven survivors are being treated for serious injuries in the hospital and at least 12 others have minor injuries, according to medical sources.


Mamadou Dieye, a Senegalese man interviewed by the daily El País, said he had been “zero centimetres away from death” on the first floor, but had managed to break the window and escape the fire service ladder.


He was suffocating with a friend’s sister from the smoke, and now he’s afraid she died in the building.


He said that more than 100 migrants-from Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria-were in the warehouse, with many highly flammable properties, such as mattresses and hardwood partitions.


Cadena Ser says that the survivors are now in a nearby warehouse, traumatized by the fire, complaining that they’ve lost what little they have, including important records.


David Borrell, a senior firefighter in the Spanish port city, said there was a danger that the warehouse would cave in so his teams were proceeding very slowly in the rubble.


Squatters have been in the empty factory for at least seven years, the Catalan authorities say.


Mayor Albiol said that the survivors would be given temporary shelter, but the Catalan government would have to get interested in the housing issue, “because in many cases here we’re talking about people whose status is irregular”


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