Artificial intelligence as humans and it’s Future

Artificial intelligence as humans : Previous studies have shown that AI is able to learn from human prejudices to perpetuate stereotypes, such as recruitment tools, which downgrade gender- based candidates. AI could learn negative behavior, could also learn positive behavior.

Digital life is increasing human ability and disturbing the behaviors of eons-old humans. Code-driven structures of ambient knowledge and communication have spread to more than half the world’s people, providing previously unimagined possibilities and unparalleled risks. As evolving artificial intelligence ( AI) powered by algorithms continues to spread, humans will be better off than they are today

However, they recognize that their system has serious flaws. First, it reflects only the values of a text, which can lead to very dubious ethical views. You may also be mistaken in classifying negative actions if positive terms are added.
Still, the system can be useful in revealing how moral values vary between different societies and epochs.

The researchers also noticed that the values varied between the different types of text. It seems safer to let artificial intelligence do textual analysis than moral choices, such as where an autonomous car should crash when an accident is inevitable. At first, it might be best to leave the moral question in the human department.

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