43% of Portuguese companies cancelled all recruitments due to the pandemic

43% of Portuguese companies cancelled all recruitments due to the pandemic : Many of the businesses working in Portugal (59 per cent) polled by Mercer agree that the pandemic had a major effect on their activities. The contraction of recruiting is an example: 43 percent canceled all cases, while 19 percent retained only cases relating solely to substitutions. Nonetheless, a small proportion of respondents said they had not canceled, 29 per cent, changing recruiting strategies by simulated interviews. Only 9 per cent of companies indicated that recruiting procedures remained unchanged.

According to the survey 43% of Portuguese companies cancelled all recruitments due to the pandemic “Why are businesses treating their workers during this epidemic” undertaken by the Mercer consultancy, more than half of the respondents in Portugal followed the tradition of operating at home for all staff, about 62% of the national corporations acknowledged that they had closed all their offices and only 14% said that they did not close and did not plan to do so.

In the area of wages, 69 per cent of the companies indicated they had implemented the wage increases expected for 2020, especially because 32 per cent of the companies had already introduced them before the pandemic erupted and 37 per cent said they would implement them as they had already stated before the epidemic started, on dates identified earlier.

Also in the salary sector, 55 per cent of the businesses said they had not made any adjustments to teleworkers’ wages. Just a small percentage, 5 percent, reduced the pay standard, but only to the executive level.

55 per cent of the businesses reported that they had all their workers teleworking on the introduction of the custom of working from home. Before the pandemic, less than 25 percent of workers in the vast majority of businesses (76 percent) had the habit of working daily from home. As for the employees who work from home and have to support their children, who are as a result of school closures, Even holding at home, 62 per cent of the firms surveyed said they had completely invested on their workers’ hourly versatility.

Mercer ‘s analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 on businesses is continuing globally and continues as the pandemic progresses, enabling companies to track their reactions to the pandemic challenges. The findings of this study are updated automatically anytime new participants are present, allowing Mercer to calculate the pulse of organizations (globally and by region) about the steps taken to resolve the problems posed by COVID-19.

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