3e60 – Soluções Imersivas

History regarding the Founder.

I am an entrepreneur from Brazil that after working in retail for 16 years I decided to undertake my ideas. I’m working on my third startup these days, focused on developing solutions using virtual reality, and augmented to develop business in Portugal and worldwide.


How did the idea for this project come about and how many people are involved?

Since I was little I am a technology buff and it was no different when I tried virtual reality for the first time. In 2017, when the costs of acquiring equipment and immersive technologies were significantly reduced, I decided to invest time in using these technologies in business and then we created 3e60. We are two partners, I develop the business and my partner the technology with the support of freelancers when we have specific tasks.


What makes your company different from others?

Our experience in retail and technology allows us to have a broader business vision in relation to the most common technology companies. We do not develop products without making inquiries with possible customers and evaluating the market we want to enter in order to maximize the possibility of return on investment.


What is the area of ​​operation and to which audience is it intended?

Today we develop solutions for the real estate market (Real Estate) with the 3e60 Imob and we are developing an application for tourism with the presentation of points of interest, going through two accelerations at the end of 2019, Tourism Explorer and FabTur3.


What is the problem or market need that your company intends to solve?

The need to present different sites with audiovisual resources using relevant information for quick decision making, minimizing travel costs.


What are the challenges they face?

Better understanding of the market and diffusion of new technologies that at first may seem expensive.


What are the next steps the company will take?

We are finalizing the product for the tourism market, the 3e60 Virtual Concierge, and within a few months we will start promoting it in hotels, tourism agencies and tourism agencies. For the 3e60 Imob, a product for the real estate market, some adjustments are being made to start with promotion and commercial actions.


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